The papers required for the master’s degree and the diploma (academic / clinical) for the Egyptians:

Admission requirements:
1. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine, with at least a good overall grade and a good grade in the major.
2. A doctor with a bachelor’s degree may be accepted with an acceptable grade in the general grade and at least good in the specialty subject in case
Obtaining a diploma in a branch for a major.
3. That he has completed the concession year.
4. The approval of the employer to enroll in postgraduate studies with the necessary full-time for the study.
5. A certificate from the union for the free doctor with a copy of the identity card in which the employer is registered a free doctor.

Required Documents:
1. Student statement of grades revealed during the school years.
2. Birth certificate or an extract from them .
3. Bachelor’s degree .
4. The equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree if it is in a private university, whether inside or outside Egypt.
5. Certificate of Excellence.
6. Two (2) personal photos.
7. The student’s position on recruitment (for males).
8. The approval of the employer.

A very important note:
Fulfilling the conditions in the file is the responsibility of the applicant, and in the event that the conditions mentioned above are not met, the file is excluded.
1. 300 EGP open a file when applying.
2. In the case of admission, the tuition fees are 3500 pounds for each academic year.
3. Calculating the number of credit hours 200 pounds per academic hour.

The papers required to submit a master’s and diploma (for expatriates):
First: The deadline for application for a master’s and diploma for expatriates is determined by the General Administration for Expatriates annually

Second: The required documents are principles for submission:
1. The embassy’s approval of the student’s registration stating the following:
 The party that funded the study.
 The degree to which you want to study.
 school year to be enrolled.
2. Bachelor’s degree certified and certified by the embassy
3. The equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree from the Supreme Council of Universities
4. Statement of bachelor’s degrees revealed in the academic years approved and documented by the embassy
5. Certificate of spending the concession or training year approved and documented by the embassy
6. A copy of the birth certificate, certified and authenticated by the embassy
7. Health certificate that the student is free of AIDS (from the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health or any government agency)
8. A copy of the passport with a validity period of at least one full year
9. Four (4) recent personal photos

The student obtains a minimum (450) score in the TOEFL exam, and the TOEFL certificate may be submitted within one year from the date of submission
For a master’s degree (and it is considered a condition for submitting a master’s degree and not for a diploma).

Third: Entry requests are submitted through the website


Fourthly: Fill out the personal data form (required by the Department of Graduate Studies)

Fifth: Academic expenses for diploma and master’s:
 First year $ 7,500 the first year.
 The rest of the years 6000 dollars.