Delegates Care Service Office

The Expatriate Welfare Service Office provides educational and informational services for international students for students in the system
Ordinary students or credit hours system.
The office aims to care for foreign students and provide all means of comfort and solve all problems facing the international student, both inside
The college or outside it throughout the school years, by creating a database for foreign students to know their numbers
Their nationalities and phone numbers to facilitate direct contact with them.

As for educational services inside the college, they include the following: –

 Follow up on the academic problems faced by the student and work to overcome any obstacles that may affect the student’s academic achievement
Create identification cards for each learner – introduce places for lectures – give descriptions of curricula and scientific content
Courses – introducing the learner to the regulations organizing the study.
 Establish a site for the college to receive inquiries and complaints from students from expatriates to work on rapid intervention to solve it or direct the learner.
Places to solve.
 Introduce the academic results, exams and control work for all study groups.

Or the information services outside the college include: –

 Communicating with the university’s Expatriate Care Office, the Ministry of Higher Education, and the various embassies of international students.
 Introducing the learner to the embassy premises of the cultural attachés in the Arab Republic of Egypt, allowing the student to communicate with them.
 Coordination with real estate offices that provide students who do not have places to live and places to stay throughout the study period.
 Provide information for international students related to booking airline tickets and road transport to and from their country.
 Introduce important places that the learner needs, such as hospitals, and create a guide for those places in order to facilitate contact with them.
 Provide all necessary information for international students regarding non-traditional requirements such as hotel and restaurant reservations, etc.