Definition of youth care:

 Developing spiritual and moral values, national and national awareness among students, spreading the sound university spirit among students, and strengthening ties
Between them and the faculty and staff.
 Discover students ’talents, abilities, and skills and encourage them to spread and form student families and support their activities.
 Organizing sports, social, scouting, artistic, cultural, and scientific activities, and raising their level and encouraging the outstanding ones.

Terms of reference for each student activity committee:

1. Families Committee:
 Encouraging the formation of families, activating and supporting their activities.
 Coordination between the activity of different families in the college.
 Developing teamwork among students.
 Providing technical and material support for student initiatives and campaigns.
 Organizing family festivals and conferences.
 Organizing training courses for families students.

2. The sports committee :
 Spread sportsmanship among students, encourage sports talents, and work to develop them.
 Organizing sports matches and competitions at the university and college levels.
 Organizing sports festivals.
 Follow-up on the provision of facilities, stadiums, tools and sportswear needed for competitions.

3. The Cultural Committee :
 Develop awareness of the nation’s issues in a manner that consolidates the concepts of citizenship and democracy.
 Unlocking students’ intellectual, creative, cultural and informational energies.
 Develop political and social awareness among students.
 Continue to provide halls and tools for cultural competitions.
 Issuing cultural magazines and newsletters.

4. scientific Committee :
 Encouraging students to research and participate in scientific activities.
Providing the necessary materials and tools for scientific activities.
 Provide technical and financial support for the registration of patents and intellectual property for students
 Holding scientific seminars, lectures and conferences with the aim of developing scientific and innovative capabilities.
 Work to provide opportunities for training and student scientific exchanges inside and outside the country.

5. Technical Committee :
 The development of artistic talent.
 Working to improve public taste and develop team and artistic sense among students.
 Follow up the provision of theaters and galleries necessary for the implementation of technical activities.
Providing the materials, tools, and all the requirements needed to implement the artistic activities, which are: photocopying, plastic arts, acting
Theatrical – Singing – Performing folk art – Classical and oriental music – Oil painting – Drawing – Works
The artistic field of advertising, printing, cartoons, Arabic calligraphy, graphic decoration, book covers, sculpture and ceramics.
 Issuing technical brochures, organizing festivals and workshops, and hosting public figures.

6. The Mobile and Public Service Committee:
 Raising awareness of the goals, foundations and principles of the scout movement and disseminating its ideas.
 Developing the skills, leadership, ability to take responsibility and self-reliance.
 Developing students’ scout and personal skills through camps, trips, training courses and workshops.
 Work to provide a mobile field, halls, tools, clothes, and books necessary for mobile activities.
 Implement labor camps, public service programs, and environmental and community service.

7. social Committee :
 Work on social ties between students and between faculty and staff, and spread the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood between them and broadcast The collective spirit in them.
 Holding seminars, lectures, and conferences, and reviving national and religious events.
 Organizing trips and social and recreational camps that help students learn about Egypt and the world.

Book support:
The university book will be disbursed to students who meet the requirements, by the youth welfare specialist.

Social Solidarity Fund:
 The Social Solidarity Fund provides social and material support to students who are unable.
 Providing the university book for students.
 Provide tools and materials for the dental laboratory.
 Provide urgent assistance in the event of disasters and force mature.

How to benefit from the fund:
 The student applies to the specialists of the Social Solidarity Fund at the College’s Youth Welfare Office to obtain the necessary contribution from the fund.
 The specialist conducts the required social research, submits it to the College’s Takaful Fund Committee and takes approval.

How the student obtained social solidarity fund aid:
1. The student applies to the college’s youth care to obtain a letter addressed to the student’s social unit.
2. The student submits the research and is accompanied by an accredited statement confirming the family income and the statement of the salary items in the case of a pension or death that has an income
Fixed .
3. Farms require agricultural tenure.
4. The one who works and does not have a fixed income is free business, requesting an administrative certificate and accreditation with an eagle stamp.
5. A copy of the family card – a copy of the parent’s card – in the event of death, a copy of the death certificate – a copy of the student’s card.

Closet reservation:
 Closets are a distinguished service provided to students through the Youth Welfare Department. Students keep all their needs throughout the school year
 Delivery of the wheel at the beginning of the school year.
 After that, the student enters the relevant employee in order to prepare and prepare him from the records of the batch for the student
 He then enters to write it on the computer and print the image, then the competent employee, after extracting it from the device, reviews it And make sure the data is correct
 Then the head of the department reviews the certificates again as they are taken out to the presidential offices of the college to complete the signatures, then they return again to the graduate department and go to the office of the college secretary to stamp them
 After that, she returns to the alumni department a third time to distribute it in its own batches so that the department’s employees can hand it over.
 To their owners easily and conveniently by signing the graduate in the delivery records
 The competent employee also delivers the files for the new payment with its certificates
 The alumni department also responds to letters from abroad, such as making sure of the correctness of the data for recruitment, for example, and others, and responding to university addresses and work.