Obtaining certificates and status data:

That the Student Affairs Department of the Graduate Department extract the necessary certificates for students during their studies and after graduation.


  • Photocopier: behind the runway of the first floor.
  • The cafeteria: behind the sports stadium and currently under construction.
  • Dental outlets: There are general supplies and sterilization supplies on the second floor, as well as dental outlets
  • Behind the football stadium under construction.


There is a private bathroom for male and female students in each role of the college from the basement to the fourth floor.

Sports and Gym:

 The stadium: It is a multi-purpose Tartan stadium – a five-a-side football stadium – a volley ball court – a handball stadium – a basketball stadium.

 Rental box: one hundred pounds per hour.
 Place of stadium: next to the main gate of the College of Dentistry.
 The gym: It consists of:

  • Iron and cardio equipment.
  • Various front and back devices.
  • Multiple shoulder and shoulder device.
  • Various multimeter devices.
  • Dumbbell set of multiple weights.
  • Digital treadmill.
  • Wheel.
  • There are (3) changing rooms.
    – (3) shower rooms.
    – A toilet for students and another for students.

Gym location and time:
There is a gym in the floor below the grounds, and there are three days for students and three days for students.