Conditions for admission and transfer of students enrolled in credit hours 2018/2019

Students are enrolled in the program for Egyptian students and expatriates who have a high school diploma, science division or its equivalent, who have been distributed through the Coordination Office or the management of expatriates or those transferred from other colleges according to the conditions, criteria and rules determined by the College Council

– So that it does not exceed the absorptive capacity of the college and in a way that does not conflict with the quality of the educational process

Students must submit all required documents announced by the Department of Education and Student Affairs:

Certificate of proficiency in the English language, on the one hand, to be approved by the College Council

– The student must pass the medical examination successfully, according to the rules decided by the College Council

– That the medical examination prove free of infectious diseases

– The conditions for enrolling students must be met to pass the admission test and any other conditions determined by the university

Students who are permanently dismissed from other public or private universities may not be accepted

– It is permissible to transfer foreign students and Egyptians enrolled in one of the colleges of dentistry in the Egyptian government universities or one of the recognized foreign universities.

– The student in the faculty of dentistry, Ain Shams University, studies at least six semesters in the faculty

– A student enrolled in the full academic year system may be transferred to the credit hour system, with the necessary clearing