• First Goal: Preparing a distinguished graduate in dentistry who can compete in the labor market locally and regionally                                  1-1- Developing college programs and creating innovative multidisciplinary programs that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market and achieve national academic standards for the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation 

    1-2- Developing teaching, learning, and evaluation strategies to ensure the achievement of targeted learning outcomes for study programs, college mission, and goals

    1-3- Developing student support programs and student activities in a manner that provides the climate for achieving integration in students’ personality

    1-4- Activating the college’s role in following up graduates and rehabilitating them for the labor market in a way that meets the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education

    Second Goal: To develop the research output in terms of quantity and quality in a way that serves the needs of society and enhances the competitiveness of the college

    2-1- Update the college’s research plan according to community priorities and scientific developments

    2-2- Maximizing the research output of the college to achieve a distinguished local and regional center

    2-3- Creating distinguished postgraduate programs that meet the national standards for the quality of education and the needs of the labor market

    2-4- Development of the college infrastructure for scientific research


    Third goal: Maximizing the role of the college in community participation and environmental development

    3-1- Increased effectiveness of community participation

    3-2- Enhancing societal participation in supporting the college’s activities directed to education, scientific research and community service

    Fourth goal: Raising the efficiency of institutional performance in accordance with quality systems and continuous development

    4-1- The development of human resources in the college

    4-2- Development of financial and material resources for the college

    4-3- Enhance the competitiveness of the college